Things you NEVER say to a natural

  • You kind of look like a lion..... no offence
  • I like your hair better when it's straight
  • Is that weave?
  • Girl you need a perm
  • I could never go natural, my hair is too nappy
  • But your hair is so nappy
  • Honey, slavery is over
  • God invented perms, why not use them?
  • You look like a boy
  • Wassup Ms. Badu
  • Ayoooooo Jill Scott
  • Your little afro looks like pubic hair
  • See you got that silky stuff, I got that slave stuff
  • You can't be all black
  • If I buy you a perm, will you use it?
  • You're going out like that?
  • Aren't you going to do your hair?